Change Log
a. Fixed bug when selecting load or source last selected jumps to cursor position
b. Included X axis support for wave pull, initially only responded to changes in the y direction
a. Added Zin Zout  and Znm to the plot options
b. Fixed change units
c. Modified Change freq to include current settings instead of default
a. Fixed bug in schematic drop at ground node
b. Corrected auto zoom/resize  in plot
c. Corrected bug in undo after wave pull
d. Corrected the marker alignment with data
e. Added coarse and fine adjustment to the slider access is to the right of the main slider bar
a. fixed error loading parallel s-parameter file where chosen impedance was being ignored
b. fixed label display on parallel s-parameter symbol
c. corrected updating problems after deleting an element
d. Misc alignment issues in the main form where corrected
e. added fine and coarse slider modification menu
a. fixed plotting (plot and grid where un aligned)
b. Removed X-axis wave pulling because unintuitive
a. added Butterworth and Chebyshev Filter Synthesis
b.  fixed fine slider adjust to limit at a decade
c.  fixed bandpass filter acceptance criterion
d.  removed xaxis dialog box un-cancel
a. fixed zoom bug with graphing that was introduced in
b. implemented limits an checks in the filter definition form
c. made butterworth filter pass band ripple set to traditional 3dB rolloff
d. made form query for xaxis and impedance after filter form completion seemed more natural
a. allowing frequencies below 1Hz  in  the xaxis specification
a.  added elliptical filter synthesis
a. added file save and load
b. fixed bug when size goes to max
c. added scroll bar to move long schematics into viewing area
d. added source impedance change
e. fixed misc s-parameter bugs   
a. user can edit order in elliptic filter design
b. fixed source impedance change display in schematic
c. improved low and high-pass elliptic filter accuracy - still requires some manual element manipulation to obtain match
not released
a. improved wave pull speed - further accuracy improvements in next release
b. fixed plot marker bug when last point is selected
c. changed s-parameter read in to do linear interpolation and polynomial interpolation- also polynomial interpolation enforces passivity
d. fixed bug with filter trying to synthesize a filter of order one
e. added a s-parameter bisection (split) feature - this feature allows the user to divide a two port into a cascade of two two ports either symmetrical or asymmetrical
a. improved wave pull accuracy
a.  added ideal transmission lines
b. made anchor for wave pull easier to define anchors by staying pressed
c.  added enable disable per component to allow user to decide which components get modified with the wave pull
d.  removed some of the bug states associated with the undo button after wave pull
e.  added harder constraints to the anchored markers
a. fixed bug saving and loading schematics with transmission lines
a.  added the pole zero display and polynomial fitting feature
a. added manual value entry to component adjust
b. fixed schematic display issues with window resizing
c. added pop up menu to change units by right clicking on the value displayed
a. made EULA show up only once
b. fixed s-parameter dB mag and phase to accept 'dB' or 'DB'
c. Better handling of s2p data parsing exceptions
a. Fixed s-parameter parsing of a blank line before header reached - blank before header trend built into some network analyzers
b. Forms more slightly more ergonomic resizing for smaller or larger screens.  Tabbed and scrolling menus will be added later when more is offered.
c.  RLC sub form updates the manual entry text when slider is adjusted Released 3/1/2011
a. added a scroll pane to the Edit component section to allow functionality on a smaller resolution screen.
b. fixed phase plot marker displaying dB instead of degrees
c. added user selectable number format where user can choose from scientific notation (default) or human readable number format
d. improved the marker feature in the smith chart plot to only add one marker per click

1.35 Released Beta 5/29/2011

a. New formatting makes notebook viewing more acceptable.
b. Every component has a X^-1 button on it by clicking on it the components values will become negative (if primitive) or if s-parameter block the ABCD matrix will be inverted, thus making it an inverse of itself. The use of this in detail will be explained in a document shortly.
c. Added a groupdelay plot to the plot windows
d. S2p files can be formatted to Real Imaginary, Magnitude Angle, and dB Angle
e. File name suffix is now auto formatted. For example saving qwerty as an s2p file automatically appends .s2p to filename Released 9/19/2011
a. Continue to improve the s-parameters parsing to include ! Comments between lines of data
b. s-parameters Mag/Phase or dB/Phase corrected to stop angle truncation
c. root discovery causes program to hang is resolved. Released 10/29/2011
a. Step 1 in a strategy to make saving schematics compatible with future versions. Unfortunately this change will render previous saved files from prior versions incompatible, but its sets the framework for backward compatibility. Released 11/30/2011
a. Corrected magnitude and angle MA S22 error in save s2p file
b. Corrected dB and angle DB S22 error in save s2p file

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