RFCooltools Professional Version

Some of the new features available in the Professional stand-alone version

1  Multi-port design
     1.1  Port branch and Schematic World view
     1.2  Selecting number of ports
     1.3  Deleting Specific Ports
     1.4  Reading in SNP files
     1.5  Deleting SNP instance

2  Creating a component library from two port S-parameters
     2.1  Reading S2p files into a library
     2.2  Interpolation
     2.3  Search and Replace Ideal L's and C's with S2p files from a library

3  Smith Chart additional features
     3.1  Auto Matching a single wave form
     3.2  Auto Matching a group of points on a single waveform
     3.3  Auto Matching multiple wave forms
     3.4  Auto Matching to Noise Circles
     3.5  Stability Circles

RF Cool Tools by Jeremy Goldblatt
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